Herald - Issue 449

Page 40 • The HERALD • 16th November 2023 v F @heraldpublishing v Health, Beauty & Wellbeing • Callus/hard skin removal • Toenail cutting/filing • Thickened nail reduction • Corns • Fungal infections • Cracked heels • Verruca treatment • Athletes foot advice • Cuticle care From £40-£45 depending on treatment 07546 748843 crystalsfhp@gmail.com Mobile Appointments may be available by arrangement Supporting people living with: • Back pain • Neck & shoulder pain • Migraines • Sciatica • Hip & Knee pain • Dementia • Cancer • Long term illness Working with you on increasing mobility Focusing on decreasing your daily pain Situated in Bartley 023 8081 3172 or 07876 101576 compatouch@gmail.com www.compassionatetouch.biz Therapeutic Massage Karen 07590 516009 Wednesday 5.30pm & 7pm Thursdays 7.30am & 9am St John’s Church Hall, Hythe Treatments include: Nail trimmings/filing Reduction of thickened nails Corns/Callus Ingrown toe nails Diabetic Foot Care Mini Foot massage For appointments please call Chloe 07587 071367 Appointments also available at The Waterside Foot Clinic, 177 long lane, Holbury SO45 2PA Chloe’s Foot Care Mobile Foot health practitioner The next Herald is out on 7th December Solent Mind Host Open Day at Marcella House Mental Health Charity Solent Mind recently held an Open Day at Marcella House, their New Forest Wellbeing Centre in Hythe, providing an opportunity to nd out more about the services o ered. e day included taster sessions of some of the groups that are run at the centre as well as providing a place for people to come in and have a chat with the sta over a co ee and some cake. An A Cappella choir came in to keep the visitors entertained. e New Forest Wellbeing Centre is situated next to Waterfront and Solent Surgery in Jones Lane, Hythe and is a very friendly and welcoming place with an informal atmosphere, o ering people the opportunity to meet others with experience of mental health problems. eir activities are designed to support individuals working towards recovery and help promote and maintain their wellbeing; they are not able to o er psychological therapies, crisis service or counselling. You can either self-refer yourself to Solent Mind or you may be referred to them via your GP. rough an initial telephone assessment, they will work with you to set goals and nd the right activities to help you work towards them. eir support is always speci c and personalised to you. e Centre runs a variety of groups and courses including anxiety management and low mood, decider skills (emotional coping skills), men’s group, young person’s groups, creative workshops and activity based groups. Working together with other local organisations the Centre has arranged trips with Sailability at Testwood Lakes and with Solent Dolphin on board the Alison MacGregor, as well as running sessions with local yoga instructors and ower demonstrations with Hythe Flower Club. Solent Mind are looking for volunteers to help support the delivery of their groups, perhaps you have a particular talent that you could share and teach others. To nd out more about Solent Mind or to request support please visit: solentmind.org.uk, call: 023 8084 1341 or pop by the Centre to pick up a lea et, they are open weekdays 9am to 3pm but please call ahead before travelling a long way. A PRESENT FOR THE FUTURE by Alan Jones, Registered Hypnotherapist ey have been playing “Jingle Bells” in the shops since Guy Fawkes night, and the manic hunt for a personalised Christmas gi has sent you scrambling through the shops. e extra work, expense, and challenge of creating a family Christmas can create sleepless nights and anxiety. e festive season is not necessarily a happy time for those battling with personal problems, like social anxiety, for them it’s a time of year that highlights their di culties, in coping with family gatherings, and visitors. So, buy a present that can make a lifestyle change that will last into the New Year and beyond. Hypnotherapy can help resolve stress and anxiety, and create changes to free you from unwanted habits and fears. And if you eat too much Christmas pudding, help you get back in shape for 2024. Contact: alan@alanjoneshypnotherapy. com or call: 07786 376980 for more information and an appointment. e Colbury Memorial Hall Tai Chi group meet on Monday mornings. Led by New Forest Martial Arts Tutors, this group is a friendly place to improve your tness and health and takes place Mondays at 9.30am for a prompt start. Tai Chi at Colbury Memorial Hall