Herald - Issue 393

Page 56 • The HERALD • 6th August 2020 v SEND YOUR LOCAL NEWS TO THE HERALD v BLACKFIELD GARAGE SERVICES LTD Tel: (023) 8089 3146 M.O.T.’s AND SERVICING, ACCIDENT REPAIRS, INSURANCE AND PRIVATE WORK FREE ESTIMATES EXHAUSTS AND BATTERIES ETC All makes and models of vehicle Courtesy cars available Members of the Retail Motor Industry Federation B lackfield C rossroads , B lackfield 023 8084 9370 Prospect Place, Hythe SO45 6AU • MOT’ s • MOT R epairs • A ir C on • A uto E lectrics • S ervicing •W elding • D iagnostics • S uspension • T yres • C lutches • C am B elts • B rakes 145 Long Lane, Holbury SO45 2NZ Tel: 023 8024 3300 NOWOPEN SUNDAYS FROM 10AM-2PM FOR ALL YOUR MOTORING NEEDS LOCALLY • Free fit batteries (most cars) • Free fit wiper blades • Battery chargers • Oils • Braking • Service parts • Tools/tool hire • Car paints • Engine management diagnostics/reset • Towing accessories • Number plates • Exhaust systems • Steering/suspension • Haynes manuals W: www.cobramotorcomponents.co.uk E: sales@cobramotorcomponents.co.uk FAWLEY GARAGE SERVICE - PARTS - M.O.T.’S ALL MAKES OF VEHICLE SERVICED AND REPAIRED • D iagnostic F ault F inding • T yres - F itting & B alancing • L aser T racking FAWLEY 8089 1057 THE VILLAGE, CALSHOT ROAD, FAWLEY They’re Back Hythe Voluntary Car Group are back with a restricted service for your medical transport. Telephone 023 8084 5788 Monday-Friday 9am until 11am. Government Bans Old Coach, Bus And Lorry Tyres From Roads Tyres aged ten years and older will be banned from lorries, buses and coaches on roads in England, Scotland and Wales in a boost to road safety, Roads Minister Baroness Vere announced on Wednesday 15th July. The ban follows an extensive investigation, including research commissioned by the Department for Transport, which indicated ageing tyres su er corrosion which could cause them to fail. e move will make it illegal to t tyres aged ten years or older to the front wheels of lorries, buses and coaches, and all wheels of minibuses. The secondary legislation will be laid in the autumn and will also apply to re-treaded tyres - with the date of re-treading to be marked – making the age of the tyre clearly visible. Roads Minister Baroness Vere said: “In the same way that you wouldn’t drive a car with faulty brakes, ensuring your tyres are fit for purpose is crucial in making every journey safer. Taking this step will give drivers across the country confidence their lorries, buses and coaches are truly fit for use – a safety boost for road users everywhere. This change is in no small way the result of years of campaigning, particularly from Frances Molloy, to whom I thank and pay tribute.” Frances Molloy’s son Michael died in a coach crash, where the vehicle had a 19-year-old tyre tted to the front axle of a coach in 2012. Since the accident, Mrs Molloy has campaigned to see the law changed. Drivers, owners and operators are responsible for the safety of their vehicles –this will also now include ensuring their vehicle’s tyres meet the new requirements. The Government will also be asking DVSA to continue checking tyre age as part of their routine roadside enforcement activities, and adding an additional assessment to the Annual Test scheme (MOT test). e announcement is the latest step taken to improve road safety, following the launch last year of the Road Safety Statement and two- year action plan, which set out more than 70 measures to reduce the number of people killed or injured on roads around the country. When you visit e New Forest there are a group of about 5,000 locals that you can’t help noticing. ey have been hanging around for about 2,000 years and what they don’t know about the forest is not worth knowing. We are talking about the wonderful New Forest Ponies of course! All of the ponies found in the forest are wild in the sense they can roam freely but in fact they are owned by New Forest Commoners. Important information on New Forest ponies e New Forest National Park is a wonderful place to visit and you can help it stay that way by being a Forest friendly visitor. For their safety and your own please leave the animals alone - although owned and cared for by local people called commoners, they are unpredictable and best NEW FOREST PONIES treated as wild. Please don’t feed or pet them ; there is plenty of natural food and it’s best that they don’t come to rely on people’s attention. ey may look friendly but they can bite and kick, especially ponies with foals. Keep your distance! Remember, too, that these animals are not tame - the gentlest looking pony can also kick and bite and children are particularly vulnerable to them. Sadly, many animals are killed or injured by car drivers. Ponies (and cattle) have no road sense and are likely to cross in front of tra c at any time. Please remember animals have the right of way on all the roads in the Forest. ere is a maximum speed limit of 40mph on unfenced Forest roads. e use of re ective collars on ponies is a measure some Commoners use to attempt to reduce the number of accidents involving ponies; however not all of the ponies and few cows have these collars so drive with extreme care at night time. If you are involved in a road tra c accident with a pony it is an o ence not to report it. Make sure you carry an animal emergency hotlines card  - giving you all the contacts you may need.