Herald - Issue 402

Page 56 • The HERALD • 18th February 2021 v SEND YOUR LOCAL NEWS TO THE HERALD v Telephone: 023 8019 9582 • Mobile: 07788 637854 Email: forestcaravans@gmail.com • 79 Long Lane, Holbury SO45 2ND FOREST CARAVANS • Caravan Sales • Caravan & Motorhome Servicing & Maintenance • Damp Repairs • Pre-Purchase Inspection • Hitch & Pitch Service • Repairs, Spares & Accsssories Opening Hours: Mon-Fri 9am-5pm, Saturday 9am-12noon, Sunday by Appointment SALES, SERVICING & MAINTENANCE 15 Years Experience in the leisure industry 023 8084 9370 Prospect Place, Hythe SO45 6AU • MOT’ s • MOT R epairs • A ir C on • A uto E lectrics • S ervicing •W elding • D iagnostics • S uspension • T yres • C lutches • C am B elts • B rakes Share your Views on Travel and Transport in 2021 Hampshire County Council is asking for views on the principles and vision of the Hampshire Local Transport Plan and has launched an online survey as part of a detailed engagement process which will take place over the next year. Councillor Rob Humby, Deputy Leader and Executive Member for Economy, Transport and Environment at Hampshire County Council, said: “ This is a critical and opportune time to set out how we want to travel and move about in the future. These extraordinary times we are living in, through COVID-19 and the impact of Climate Change, mean we have a unique opportunity to shape a clean, healthy, fair, and sustainable transport future for Hampshire. To this end, I very much want to start a conversation with as wide a group of interested parties as possible to help develop a new transport strategy and plan for the county.” Hampshire County Council’s Climate Change Strategy sets a target of net zero carbon for the county by 2050 and the County Council has set out a 2050 Vision for Hampshire that puts environmental issues at the heart of the Authority’s decision making. Councillor Humby continued: “ We know that nearly one third of Hampshire’s total carbon emissions come from transport, so how we choose to move about is a key factor in how successful we will be in meeting the target we’ve set in our Climate Change Strategy. We also know that the way we travel is making us less healthy. As a nation we are 20% less active than we were in the 1960’s. and There are worrying levels of obesity in our society and we also need to address the impact of pollution and poor air quality on our health. We must also remain mindful not to restrict mobility and access for any of our communities who may have access limited to fewer or only more expensive travel and transport options compared to other places. To help inform the Local Transport Plan, we want to hear from all Hampshire communities and those who represent them. We need your thoughts, your expertise and your local knowledge to help us formulate a transport policy fit for Hampshire now and for the future.” Once established, the new Local Transport Plan will set the objectives, policies, and strategy for transport across the county for the next 30 years. Since 2001, Hampshire’s Local Transport Plan has set the objectives, policies, and strategy for transport, helping people to maintain their quality of life and go about their daily business. Seven years have passed since the Local Transport Plan was last updated, and it is important to review transport approaches in the context of new technologies, the Coronavirus pandemic, increased focus on active lifestyles and the challenges of air pollution and climate change. To view more information and to leave feedback, go to: www.hants.gov.uk/ transport/localtransportplan by 28th February 2021 DONATIONS ARRIVED SAFELY Back last summer Hythe & Waterside Rotary launched a local appeal for donations of unwanted disability aids and equipment as part of a project being run by Wheelchair Foundation UK. e response was amazing and, a er gathering the items locally, arrangements were made for them to be sent to the Foundation’s headquarters in Exeter. Hythe & Waterside Rotary were delighted to receive news recently that these local items were included in a consignment which the Wheelchair Foundation UK have just delivered to Newcastle in South Africa which is a poor area of Kwa Zulu Natal. Grateful thanks go to all those who supported this project. Donated items arriving in Newcastle, South Africa