Herald - Issue 450

Page 66 • The HERALD • 7th December 2023 v INDEPENDENT, LOCAL AND PROUD v ASK A PROFESSIONAL INTRODUCING PROBATE HELPERS From Heritage Will Writing We understand that dealing with the death of a loved one can be an emotional and stressful experience. Heritage Will Writing is delighted to announce the launch of Probate Helpers, a professional Probate service that will support you at your time of need and can reduce the burden at this di cult time. Applying for the Grant of Probate and the Administration of the Estate can be a complex and time-consuming legal process that involves dealing with all of the assets and liabilities associated with the deceased’s Estate. e Estate could include property, stocks, shares, bank accounts and other personal belongings that need to be distributed in line with the Will (or Rules of Intestacy). However, is it important to remember that behind every probate application, there is a bereaved family trying to organise their others prefer to appoint a specialist rm to do the hard work for them. At Probate Helpers, we have a range of services designed to suit your needs, where you can be as involved as much or as little as you wish. Contact Probate Helpers today on 023 8087 9243 or email probatehelpers@heritagewillwriting.co.uk a airs at this sensitive time. erefore, it is important that we make the process of applying for probate as e cient as possible for everyone who requires our service. ere is o en a signi cant amount of paperwork that needs to be completed, not to mention liaising with various third parties and calculating the tax that is payable on the Estate. Some executors choose to undertake the Estate Administration themselves, but InstaVolt, the UK’s largest and most reliable public EV (Electric vehicle) rapid charging network, has opened a new site in Lyndhurst. Two rapid charging stations are located at Forest Lodge Hotel, Pikes Hill which o ers a range of food and drinks, for EV drivers to relax while charging. is latest addition brings the rst InstaVolt EV charging site to the Lyndhurst area. With plans to install 10,000 rapid chargers by 2030, InstaVolt currently has more than 1,200 chargers across the country and is installing at a faster rate than any other charge point operator. ere are now more than 850,000 EVs on Britain’s roads and with new models coming onto the market, consumers have never had a bigger or more a ordable choice of vehicle. Charging infrastructure is increasing to match demand as more people make the switch to electric vehicles. Adrian Keen, the CEO of InstaVolt said: “We’re delighted to bring our award-winning rapid chargers to Lyndhurst, with class-leading reliability of more than 99.9% and installations of two or more chargers at many sites. EV drivers can be confident that when they arrive, they’ll find an easy to use charger, with on-site driver amenities, without having to queue.” He added: “With an extensive, fully nationwide network, EV drivers are never far away from an InstaVolt rapid charger. When embarking on a long journey, just a little bit of route planning in advance using search engines or a dedicated App for charging points like ZapMap or InstaVolt’s own App, makes life easier. And while you recharge your EV, recharge yourself: stretch your legs and enjoy a coffee or bite to eat from one of our on-site partners.” InstaVolt’s chargers are powered using 100% renewable energy, easy to use and take contactless payment: there’s no need to sign up and no subscription required. Drivers can visit the website, or sign up to the optional InstaVolt App, where they can nd their nearest charging station, search for real-time availability across its sites, and pay for their charge – all in one place. For more information visit: www.InstaVolt.co.uk or download the App or visit: www.zap-map.com. New EV Rapid Charging Site Opens in Lyndhurst New EV rapid charging site