Herald - Issue 365

v SAY YOU SAW IT IN THE HERALD v 6th December 2018 • The HERALD • Page 71 • Latest 4-Wheel ComputerisedWheel Tracking • FREE Wheel Alignment Check with Service • FREE Local Collection & Delivery BOOK ONLINE H Clutches H Diagnostics H Air Conditioning H 4 Wheel Alignment H H Cambelts H Service to Manufacturers Specification H BADMINSTONS HYTHE PHONE: 023 8001 9090 • EMAIL: b.hythe@hotmail.com Web: badminstonsgroup.co.uk/hythe • F badminstonsofhythe 50 SHORE ROAD, HYTHE SO45 6GJ MOT & SERVICE CENTRE for Cars, Vans and Motorhomes ATTENTION VOLVO OWNERS! Find out why over 1,700 Volvo owners now regularly choose us for their servicing and repairs SOUTHAMPTON (023) 8067 1306 FOR FRIENDLY AND EFFICIENT SERVICE S outh h antS G araGe S erviceS UNIT 18/19 CARLTON COMMERCE CENTRE EMPRESS ROAD, SOUTHAMPTON (Next to the Car Telephone Co) www.southhantsvolvo.co.uk INDEPENDENT VOLVO SERVICE • VOLVO PARTS • INDEPENDENT VOLVO SERVICE • VOLVO PARTS • INDEPENDENT VOLVO SERVICE • VOLVO PARTS • INDEPENDENT VOLVO SERVICE • VOLVO PARTS • Austin A30/A35 Owners Club Meetings are held on the second Thursday of each month at the Empress of Blandings near Cadnam, starting at 7.30pm for 7.45pm. The club is open to anyone interested in Classic Cars, and the mission is to attract new members. The group have one of the best spare parts departments of any motor club. Parts are sold new, restored, and used at affordable prices helping to reduce the cost of classic car motoring. The parts director Robert Prinn and his brother Rick are experts, and believed to be the best Austin A30/ A35 specialists in the UK. The last meeting at the Empress of Blandings took place in November, before discussing club business they were treated to a film called the Honourable Rebel. The story of the Honourable Elizabeth Montagu, born 1909 daughter of Lord Montagu. She became an accomplished actress, musician, writer, escaped from occupied France and became a secret agent operating from Switzerland. The club is making plans for 2019 which will include many social and driving activities. The next meeting will take place on Thursday 13th December . Due to the length of the film they will be watching the remaining half of the Honourable Rebel followed by normal light hearted discussion. Plans and arrangements will continue to be made and agreed for 2019. All classic car enthusiasts are welcome. For more information go to www. austina35sotongroup.co.uk Austin A35 and A40 Racing at Goodwood With the night’s drawing in and fewer daylight hours and darker evenings, it is more difficult for drivers to spot cyclists and pedestrians. Many accidents happen because drivers simply cannot see vulnerable road users until it is too late to avoid them. Be safer on the streets by being seen. Wear brightly coloured clothing during the day and something reflective at night. A fluorescent material does not work in the dark, it is vital to wear something reflective or lighter in colour, so it will be seen in the car headlights – ON REFLECTION even a small reflective badge will assist car drivers to see you from further away. Just walking along the pavement and not being dressed from head to toe in black or dark colours, can help motorists be aware that you are there, whether you are about to cross the road or not. Some specialist footwear is designed with reflective panels that work well after dark. Alternatively, reflective strips can be attached to clothing and it is also a good idea to carry something reflective too. Be Prepared for Severe Weather Highways England’s team of 1,300 specially trained gritter drivers based across the country are geared up for winter, ready to keep drivers moving. Drivers should make sure their vehicles are prepared for any eventuality. Before you set out, check your vehicle, the road conditions and the weather forecast. If conditions are poor, and journeys are not essential, consider waiting until the weather gets better – this should improve journeys, and give gritters a chance to treat the road. During severe winter weather drivers are urged to follow this advice: • In snow and ice: Drivers should stick to the main roads where they can and only travel if necessary. Drivers are also encouraged to make sure they have a winter kit in their vehicle, including an ice scraper and de-icer, warm clothes and blankets and sunglasses to cope with the low winter sun. • In high winds: Drivers should slow down and avoid using exposed sections of road if possible. Lorries, caravans and motorbikes are at particular risk. • In heavy rain: Drivers should keep well back from the vehicle in front, gradually ease off the accelerator if the steering becomes unresponsive, and slow down if the rain and spray from vehicles makes it difficult to see and be seen. • In fog: Drivers should switch on their fog lights and not use lights on full beam as the fog will reflect the light back. If drivers really cannot see, they should consider stopping until it is safe to continue. To keep informed about driving conditions along their journeys, drivers are advised to follow messages on the overhead signs and listen to radio updates. Further information can be found by visiting the www.highways.gov.uk/traffic or calling the Highways England Information Line on 0300 123 5000.