Herald - Issue 427

4th August 2022 • The HERALD • Page 77 v THE NEXT HERALD IS OUT ON 25TH AUGUST v HERALD RECRUITMENT PART TIME SCHOOL RUN DRIVERS REQUIRED We are currently looking for new drivers to fill rewarding, part time roles in our busy, family run business. We specialise in transporting disabled and vulnerable children and young adults with a range of special needs to school’s across Hampshire. All applicants must be physically fit, 100% reliable and punctual with a pleasant attitude towards others. A New Forest District Council Private Hire License would be an advantage, however, we can help you obtain this. In return we offer good rates of pay and a reliable and well maintained company vehicle. Our working days are Monday-Friday and approximately 17-20 hours per week during term times. These positions may suit retired or semi-retired persons but all applicants are welcome. To enquire in the first instance, please email: schooltransportsouthampton@gmail.com Poets Corner NOW OR THEN by Marlene Parmenter Now is no longer now Cos now it is then. So is now later Although it’s come back again? Is now never now Cos it is always gone? ere will always be later On that you can rely on. Now you are confused, And I’m no analyst. But if you think about it Does now exist? A bag and a battered old suitcase Her whole world with her right there Trying to get to the border How far she just doesn’t care Her life lies behind her in tatters In ruins bombed to the ground Her family gone to their maker She trudges out of her town She knew and trusted her neighbours People were friends in her town People who thought just as she thought And then the missiles rained down She’s learned to hate with a vengeance Saying one day someone will pay The good Lord will never condone what they’ve done Outcasts forever he’ll say She’s one of a modern day exodus Bewildered lost in despair Feeling however far that she walks She’ll never ever get there But at last she arrives at the border Her feet on friendly new land Kneeling with joy she silently prays And she feels the Lord holding her hand There are never winners just losers No war is worth dying for Wounds may heal as the world moves on But the memory remains in life’s song! Hand In Hand by David K Wilson Have you ever looked in the mirror and thought, Who’s face is this that’s looking quite fraught! ose lines you see weren’t there yesterday, And my hair today is looking a bit grey!! How can this be, my mirror doesn’t tell lies, And I am stunned for a while and just stare and sigh… What can I do I say to myself, Buy more creams o the chemists shelf? No! I decide a new mirror I will buy, Big and bold and one that won’t lie! Finding one I know I can trust, One that knows me is a must! Shopping I go, so many to see, e mirror in the shop shows how I should be, I ask the assistant for one of these It’s a show one only, but it’s the one I need! She could see I was desperate to have this mirror, I could have it half price I’m onto a winner… I take it home feeling pleased with my buy, If I still look the same I know I will cry! I carefully unpack it and put it in place, Now the time has come to show my face! Slowly and reluctantly I move up close, To this mirror I make a toast… My old mirror upset me and told a lie, And to this mirror I will say goodbye! My new one is honest and makes me look nice, But if it upsets me it’s because it’s half price!! Have You Ever by Margaret Bell THE ROAD TO TRAVEL by Jim Dolbear “Avast”, said the old man, “where are you going? It’s no good walking by if you are not knowing. Will you take the straight road and keep on the narrow? Or take the wrong path that will bring you sorrow. Will you lead the way or be left behind? Will you take all you can or give and be kind. Will you take advice and stand there tall? Or ignore everyone and end up a fool”. e lad stood there for a while, “Be like you Grandad”, he said with a smile. I met the gatekeeper with the silver key He unlocked the gate and admitted me. e song of the thrush up high in the tree Welcomed us through a veil of tranquillity. Following the gatekeeper’s footsteps strong A path led deeper, where secrets belong! Listening to the chorus of many birds’ song. No need for a conductor with his baton. Trees with their blossom, fresh and new Rhododendron owers with delicate hue Carpets of bluebells, oh, so lush and blue Bees collecting pollen for their honey brew. In this secret garden, gnomes are about ey gather in the clearings to sing and shout! With musical instruments their talents out Great fun for all there is no doubt Sometimes the wood nymph drops by with cake And some special brew their thirst to slake In owing red dress, she makes them quake So, they pick her up, toss her into the lake! e garden remains a special secret place Where wild animals roam at their own pace Where the gnomes from prying eyes have space And occasionally invite a guest to taste. The Secret Garden by Dorothy Lockyer It’s so hot out here, I’m taking o all me clothes. Gonna connect it to the tap And get under a cold hose. I jiggle my bits about, Which is not a pretty sight. But it is my own garden. Isn’t that alright? Out comes a morti ed hubby, Letting out an almighty groan. “Can’t you see the neighbours watching? Now they are on the phone.” He rushes in to get a towel, e biggest he can nd. He comes out with a tarpaulin Now that’s a bit unkind. en we hear the sirens Progressing up the hill. Outside they park their paddy wagon, is seems like overkill. “Come along madam Kindly move aside. It’s so hot in that wagon We all very nearly died.” One by one they came, Grabbing at me hose. A er taking o their uniforms And folding up their clothes. en ghting for the spray It turned into a brawl, Not sure if this is normal For I’ve never seen a policeman’s ball!!! ♂ Hot, Hot, Hot ♀ by Marlene Parmenter SEND IN YOUR POEMS BY POST: 2 HIGH STREET, HYTHE, SOUTHAMPTON SO45 6AH OR BY EMAIL: editor@herald-publishing.co.uk