Herald - Issue 427

Page 44 • The HERALD • 4th August 2022 v SUPPORT YOUR LOCAL SPECIALISTS v Health, Beauty &Wellbeing MANDY STEER S.A.C DIP RFHP Mobile Foot Health Practitioner Covering the Waterside & New Forest area 01590 612302 or 07907 114365 GET BACK TO FEELING YOUR BEST WITH HYTHE & TOTTON CHIROPRACTIC CLINIC 8 Drummond Court, Prospect Place, Hythe (Opposite Hythe Ferry) 023 8020 7826 81a Rumbridge Street, Totton 023 8086 3612 Tired of yoyo dieting, feeling unhappy, unfulfilled frustrated, anxious, or not feeling good enough? book a FREE coaching session at zoepatey.com Introducing Zoë Patey, Spiritual Practitioner & Mental Fitness Coach Zoë Patey is a Certi ed Spiritual Practitioner and Certi ed Karmic Alignment Practitioner based locally in e New Forest. Her life’s passion and purpose is to be of service to people who want to become empowered to alter the course of their lives. Zoë’s own life experiences lead her to seek help from a coach, she felt she wasn’t being the best version of herself and wanted to be a conscious parent, have a now a quali ed NLP Practitioner and Spiritual Practitioner. Zoë is on a mission to help her clients to break free from the negative patterns of their past and help them to embrace their self-worth and life purpose so they can have the confidence to truly live their best life. She o ers a range of coaching programmes including sense of purpose and feel con dent. Her coach helped her to step out from behind the mask she had created for herself and realised that the missing piece she had been searching for in others was actually her! Feeling empowered and keen to help others in a similar situation to her Zoë trained to be a coach herself and she is her signature Karmic Alignment™Life Transformation Programme. Karmic Alignment™ is a profound and transformational process that helps you to align with your values, passion and desire and in turn helps you discover your true-life purpose and authentic self. She also o ers Conscious Emotional Transformation™ (CET), Dream Interpretation and a life changing Law of Attraction course. Finding the right coach for you is really important; Zoë o ers a complementary 30 minute phone call or zoom session to help you decide if she is the right coach to support you. Zoë comments: “My coaching style is not just about setting goals and holding you accountable to reach them; I’ll help you to understand yourself, why you think the way you do and why your behaviours and fears contribute to not showing up as you would like to be seen.” For more information about Zoë Patey or to book a free initial coaching session please visit: www.zoepatey.com you can also download a free meditation session from Zoë’s website. Zoë Patey, Spiritual Practitioner & Mental Fitness Coach Healthy Tip: Keep an Eye on Your Waistline by the Health Promotion and Education Team at Heart Research UK Your waist circumference is an indicator of your risk of developing heart disease. If you carry too much fat around your middle, your risk of developing heart disease is higher, however this risk can be reduced by losing weight. We explain how to measure your waistline and tips for maintaining a healthy waistline. What is a healthy waistline? A healthy waistline for men is anything below 94cm (37 inches) and anything below 80cm (31.5 inches) for women. You are at a high risk if your waist circumference is 102cm (40 inches) or over for men or 88cm (34.6 inches) or over for women. If you are a man from African Caribbean, South Asian, Chinese or Japanese origin, a healthy waist circumference is anything below 90cm (35.4 inches). How to measure your waistline Relax and breathe out when the measurement is taken. Ensure the tape measure is touching your skin, but not pulled too tightly. You can repeat the measure two more times and take the average. Maintaining a healthy waistline If your waist circumference is within the healthy range, this is great news. You should keep an eye on your waist circumference by measuring it from time to time. If your waist circumference is above the healthy range, you should try to lose weight through healthy eating and exercise. You can nd lots of ideas for healthy eating and physical activity from the healthy tips and recipe pages on our website. Sign up for our weekly healthy tips at: www.heartresearch.org.uk/healthy-tips To help keep your heart healthy, why not try out some of our Healthy Heart recipes: www.heartresearch.org.uk/ heart-research-uk-recipes-2 Or have a look through our Healthy Heart cookbook lled with recipes from top chefs, celebrities and food bloggers: www.heartresearch.org.uk/heart-research-ukcookbook Why not nd out if you’re at risk by measuring your waistline today. ere are many steps you can take towards a healthier heart. Checking your waist circumference will help you to identify whether you are carrying too much fat around your middle. To measure your waist, you rst need to nd the bone at the top of your hip and your bottom rib. You need to wrap a tape measure around your middle at the centre of these two points.