Herald - Issue 427

v THE HERALD - Your Community Magazine v 4th August 2022 • The HERALD • Page 49 ANIMAL MAGIC Mobile Microchipping Service Friendly and professional service, in the comfort of your own home. Cheaper than your local vet. Call 07727 155219 Dooley’s Grooming Family run dog grooming business based in Fawley Contact Debbie for an appointment on 07895 626448 www.dooleysgrooming.com Each chicken has their own distinct character, and you will enjoy watching how they interact with each other and with you. A new chicken-owner will nd the hybrid Warren (usually a cross between a Rhode Island Red and a Light Sussex) is the perfect choice as they are docile and easy to handle, as well as being a proli c egg layer. Feeding your chickens is straight-forward; they will thrive on a diet of Layers pellets combined with a small supply of treats such as greens, pasta, and so fruits. ey will, of course, enjoy scratching around in their run for insects and worms too. Once you have invested in the Longdown Poultry Starter Pack, it is easy to keep your supplies stocked up by visiting the Chicken Shack at Longdown Activity Farm. Keep in touch with all the latest advice and information by signing up to our Longdown poultry e-newsletter Become an Instant Chicken-Keeper Chicken-keeping is becoming an increasingly popular pastime as it is a family-friendly and entertaining hobby. Once a suitable coop and run have been installed, the chickens are relatively easy to care for and will reward your e orts with a tasty egg for your breakfast. You can become an instant chicken-keeper with the Longdown Poultry Starter Pack as it contains everything the novice will need. is includes expert advice from Bryan Pass at point of purchase, should you request it. e Longdown Poultry Pack includes a robust and practical coop, 3 or 6 hybrid Warren chickens (depending on the size of the pack purchased), feeding equipment and feed, bedding, cleaning equipment, parasite control products, and a complete chickenkeeping manual written by Bryan Pass. e packs are available in two sizes and start from just £395. Become an Instant Chicken-Keeper with the Longdown Poultry Starter Pack for regular bulletins; you can also follow them on Facebook – longdownpoultryandpets. Please email: enquiries@longdownfarm.co.uk for any speci c advice. The Great British Vet Trek Update It’s been a while since we updated you on the progress of local vet Kate McMorris and her horse Marilyn on their epic adventure from John o’Groats to Lands End. e duo are well on their way to completing their challenge. Over the past couple of months they’ve encountered blocked routes, loose horse shoes and broken equipment but undeterred they have soldiered on! Both Kate and Marilyn have been inundated with o ers from strangers of places to stay and help transporting Kate’s kit to save Marilyn some extra carrying weight as well as food and drink along the way. At the time of going to print they are trekking through Dorset and hope to have nished their challenge by the time this edition of the Herald is out! To date they have raised over £8500 on their JustGiving page for Vetlife and Pets as erapy. You can follow the nal stages of their journey to Lands’ End on Facebook: www.facebook.com/ gbvettrek Kate and Marilyn e British Veterinary Association (BVA) has issued its annual warning to pet owners to take extra precautions when walking dogs around freshwater bodies, as warm weather conditions spark concerns about an increased risk of toxic blue green algae growth over the coming months. e warning follows on the heels of con rmed algal bloom sightings in lakes, ponds or rivers in around 50 locations across the UK, as identi ed by the UK Centre for Ecology and Hydrology’s (UKCEH) Bloomin’ Algae app. In late April, a cocker spaniel died of suspected blue green algae poisoning a er a swim in Anton Lakes, Hampshire. Blue green algae, or cyanobacteria, are a group of bacteria that can contain dangerous toxins which can be harmful and potentially fatal to pets, livestock and birds if ingested even in small quantities. The algae may appear as green or greenish-brown scum on the surface of water. Dogs can swallow it by drinking water from an a ected lake, river or pond or while licking their fur a er going for a swim. It’s possible for dogs to come into contact with the bacteria even if they don’t go into water for a paddle, as toxic blooms are o en blown to the edges of water bodies. According to trend data supplied by Professor AlanRadford and his team at SAVSNET, University of Liverpool, suspected or confirmed cases reported by veterinary practices peak in July and August, at the height of the summer season, and aren’t restricted to any one part of the UK. BVA has issued the following advice for pet owners: • Look out for any warning signs put up by the responsible national environment agency or local authority near water bodies. • Keep pets on a lead and by your side around water bodies known or suspected to have a bluegreen algal bloom – don’t let pets swim in it or drink from it. • If your dog has been swimming outside, wash its coat thoroughly with clean water a erwards. • Seek emergency veterinary treatment if you’re concerned your pet may have ingested toxic algae. • Report sightings of suspected blue-green algae with a photograph via the Bloomin’ Algae app. You can also set up notifications for con rmed sightings in your area. Keep Dogs On a Lead Around Rivers and Ponds - Vets Issue Seasonal Warning about Deadly Blue-Green Algae Risks