Herald - Issue 396

8th October 2020 • The HERALD • Page 55 v SUPPORT YOUR LOCAL SPECIALISTS v VAUXTECH LOCAL GARAGE Tel: 023 8086 9496 Unit 5, New Forest Enterprise Centre, Totton, Southampton SO40 9LA LOCAL GARAGE EST 23 YEARS • Servicing & Repairs • MOT’s (arranged) • Brakes • Clutches • Tyres • Air Conditioning • Collection & Delivery Locally Friendly & Reliable Onsite Café Facilities All Makes & Models PEKING TO PARIS MOTOR CHALLENGE - PT.1 this was adapted to bypass the oil cooler. We had enough oil with us to ll the sump. Two hours later we were on our way, behind schedule but we were moving. e roads continued to worsen, and we had no choice but take it easy. We passed a 911S which had rolled over seven times (we later learned) the car travelling fast went over a blind summit and hit a gully on the other side. e car is certainly right o , totally destroyed. e crew were lucky to escape with their lives with the driver su ering a broken arm and, due to being hit by a spare part, he lost one of his ears - a centimetre more and he would have been killed. Eventually the desert was behind us for the day and we hit a main road. It was absolutely bliss. On the outskirts of Ulaanbaatar there had been a bad accident. Two lorry’s had collided and crews were cutting the drivers free, tra c was absolute chaos. It was nearly midnight but what a relief to nd the hotel a er such a traumatic time. I grabbed a quick bite to eat and was asleep before my head hit the pillow. 6th June Well-needed visit to the Mercedes Benz dealership In Ulaanbaatar where the car received some TLC, a new oil pipe and an exhaust section. e car was so dirty I asked if they could also give it a wash as well. e bill worked out at £300 all in. I gave the mechanic a $50 tip, the equivalent of a week’s wages for him. He was thrilled! 7th June Le Ulan Bator at our start time of 10.55am. e city seems in a permanent state of gridlock, no white lines, give way or stop signs. It took well over an hour to break free of the city, eventually catching sight of a glorious tarmac road. A er about 200km we arrived at yet another o - road section. Marcus and I have made a decision; we are not going all out to compete. Our Mercedes and ability do not match that of the Porsche teams and their seasoned crews. We want to get to Paris in one piece. ankfully, the old Merc ran well all day despite some rough treatment. We are just taking one day at a time, nothing more. …To be continued in the next issue of The Herald, out on 29th October. Continued from page 54 Each year the Verderers and the New Forest National Park Authority urge motorists to drive even more carefully to avoid becoming involved in an accident with one of the Forest’s animals. Despite a long- running campaign to reduce animal accidents, there is still an unacceptably high number every year. At this time of year, young skittish foals are about, as well as calves and young donkeys which are lovely to see, but drivers should take caution as these young creatures can suddenly take fright and may move towards your moving vehicle. Drivers are also reminded of the importance of reporting any road tra c accident involving a pony, cow, donkey, pig, sheep, dog or deer, by calling 999 in an emergency or 101 in a non-emergency. To report sick, injured or distressed commoning animals in the New Forest, call the Verderers’ O ce on 023 8028 2052 (Monday to Friday 9am–5pm) or Forestry England on 0300 067 4600 (24 hours). To help drivers be prepared for the unexpected, New Forest Animal Accident Cards are available, giving the numbers to ring if you are involved in, or witness, an accident involving an animal. ese free cards, which t easily into a wallet or purse, are widely available from various outlets, including e Herald o ce in Hythe High Street, where you can also pick up a free car window sticker with the message ‘I Go Slow for Ponies’. Forest Animal Accident Card