Herald - Issue 400

7th January 2021 • The HERALD • Page 55 v SUPPORT YOUR LOCAL SPECIALISTS v VAUXTECH LOCAL GARAGE Tel: 023 8086 9496 Unit 5, New Forest Enterprise Centre, Totton, Southampton SO40 9LA LOCAL GARAGE EST 23 YEARS • Servicing & Repairs • MOT’s (arranged) • Brakes • Clutches • Tyres • Air Conditioning • Collection & Delivery Locally Friendly & Reliable Onsite Café Facilities All Makes & Models Rear-end Shunts are the Most Common Type of Car Accident by Admiral Car Insurance Clare Egan, Head of Motor Product at Admiral, said : “Although lockdown restrictions across the UK have meant fewer cars on the road and less congestion than normal, accidents still happen. In particular, rear-end shunts are all too common and account for nearly a quarter of all accident claims we receive. As a percentage of all claims, rear-end shunts are higher now than any time in the last twelve months suggesting many people are still driving too closely to the car in front, despite quieter roads. Recent efforts by Highways England and the police to clamp down on tailgating saw 10,000 vehicles caught tailgating in the first two weeks of new cameras being tested, and we’d urge motorists to always keep the safe braking distance from the vehicle in front, regardless of how many other cars are on the road. Not only will this help keep drivers safe, but also their passengers, other drivers, and road users too. Whether you are on a busy road, stuck in congestion and driving slowly, or on a quieter road or dual carriageway and driving faster, the consequences of tailgating and hitting the car in front can be devastating. Even on long distance journeys, it can be quite easy to slip into bad habits so it is important to pay attention to the gap you’re leaving, as you could be tailgating without even realising. Motorists can be prosecuted for tailgating as it could be considered as driving without due care and attention, or without reasonable consideration for other persons using the road. As well as receiving a fine and points on your licence, it could have an impact on your car insurance premium. In October 2020, new Admiral customers with a conviction for driving without due care and attention saw an average increase in their premium of around 54%. During the winter months, bad weather and poor visibility make the stopping distance more important than ever. You should always leave plenty of space between you and the car in front, to give yourself time to react to the road and stop safely. If in doubt, leave yourself more time for your journey so you’re not tempted to tailgate.” Bumper Car Crash Romsey Lions hold regular book stalls in e Cornmarket, Romsey. eir next book sale will be on Saturday 9th January and Saturday 13th February from 9am until 3pm. ey welcome donations of good quality paperbacks for the stall and also gi s for their bric-a-brac section. Donations can be taken along to the stall on the day of the sales or alternatively you can call 0344 963 2463 to arrange for a collection to be made. Lions are both men and women, and there are no age restrictions to membership other than you must be over 18. ey are approachable people from many walks of life, and they enjoy an active social life. A few hours a month are all it takes to help others less fortunate in the community. If you would like to learn more about being a Lion and make new friends then get in touch with them on: secretary@romseylions.co.uk or contact them on their direct club telephone number 0344 963 2463. e Lions have a motto “Ordinary People Doing Amazing ings”. And they do year a er year. LIONS BOOKSTALL