Herald - Issue 395

Page 62 • The HERALD • 17th September 2020 v THE HERALD - INDEPENDENT AND PROUD OF IT v Our knowledgeable staff are on hand to keep your vehicle on the road in a safe manner • We offer all garage services including free collection and delivery from your home • We now offer Dpf cleaning - Injector cleaning - Turbo cleaning and Air intake cleaning to help your car run cleaner improving its performance and economy. • Good Garage Scheme – RMI – Trust my Garage Member MOT’s, TYRES, CLUTCHES, CAMBELTS, SERVICING, WELDING, DIAGNOSTICS, LASER-TRACKING. CARS, VANS UPTO 3.5T, MOTORHOMES UP TO 30’ 023 8001 0029 Badminston Lane, Fawley, SO45 1BX AMT MOBILE MECHANICAL 07950 638228 • Servicing • Repairs • MOT’s Arranged • Diagnostics • Breakdowns All Makes & Models incVans Competitive Rates Waterside Based amtmobile2@gmail.com Mobile Mechanic &Tyre Fitting MOBILE AIR CONDITIONING MOBILE AIR CONDITIONING MOBILETYRE FITTING MOBILETYRE FITTING Each year the Verderers and the New Forest National Park Authority urge motorists to drive even more carefully to avoid becoming involved in an accident with one of the Forest’s animals. Despite a long-running campaign to reduce animal accidents, there is still an unacceptably high number every year. At this time of year, young skittish foals are about, as well as calves and young donkeys which are lovely to see, but drivers should take caution as these young creatures can suddenly take fright and may move towards your moving vehicle. Drivers are also reminded of the importance of reporting any road tra c accident involving a pony, cow, donkey, pig, sheep, dog or deer, by calling 999 in an emergency or 101 in a non-emergency. To report sick, injured or distressed commoning animals in the New Forest, call the Verderers’ O ce on 023 8028 2052 (Monday to Friday 9am–5pm) or the Forestry Commission on 023 8028 3141 (24 hours). To help drivers be prepared for the unexpected, New Forest Animal Accident Cards are available, giving the numbers to ring if you are involved in, or witness, an accident involving an animal. ese free cards, which t easily into a wallet or purse, are widely available from various outlets, including e Herald o ce in Hythe High Street, where you can also pick up a free car window sticker with the message ‘I Go Slow for Ponies’. Forest Animal Accident Card Safe driving doesn’t happen automatically. Research has shown that most drivers only concentrate for 25% of their driving time, which means that 3 out of 4 drivers around you are not paying attention to the driving task, but are being distracted by something else. Everyone has seen a driver holding a phone, yawning, or chatting to a passenger; these distractions cause drivers to fail in identifying any hazards that may occur. Following these tips is a great start on the road to becoming a safe driver. 1. Keep your distance . Rear-end collisions are one of the most common forms of tra c accidents, so managing the space between the driver behind you is just as important as the space in front. When stopping, the early use of brake lights to control the attention and slowing of the driver behind may well prevent a shunt from behind. 2. Only a Fool breaks the 2-second rule . When it’s dry, you should have at least 2 seconds of space between you and the vehicle in front, and this should increase to 4 seconds when visibility is low, such as in light fog, rain or at night time. In severe weather, such as snow, ice or heavy driving rain, double the distance again. 3. More haste less speed . In busy congested conditions or built-up areas, give yourself time. ere is no need to speed and you won’t get there any quicker. Don’t treat speed limits as a target and ensure you are constantly taking road and tra c conditions into account. Knowing you have plenty of time to complete your journey will help you to relax and avoid the temptation to push your speed ARE YOU DRIVING SAFELY