Herald - Issue 398

v THE NEXT HERALD IS OUT ON 10TH DECEMBER v 19th November 2020 • The HERALD • Page 61 Poets Corner PART TIME SCHOOL RUN DRIVERS REQUIRED We are currently looking for new drivers to fill rewarding, part time roles in our busy, family run business. We specialise in transporting disabled and vulnerable children and young adults with a range of special needs to school’s across Hampshire. All applicants must be physically fit, 100% reliable and punctual with a pleasant attitude towards others. A New Forest District Council Private Hire License would be an advantage, however, we can help you obtain this. In return we offer good rates of pay and a reliable and well maintained company vehicle. Our working days are Monday-Friday and approximately 17-20 hours per week during term times. These position may suit retired or semi-retired persons but all applicants are welcome. To enquire in the first instance, please email: tccsoton@gmail.com HERALD RECRUITMENT Forget You Not by Marlene Parmenter Thank you brave soldiers, Who fought to save us all, Not knowing what horror That on you might fall. Leaving your loved ones, You valiantly tread. Filled with terror and fear, Foreboding and dread. Surrounded by others, Your brothers in arms. With photos and letters And “lucky” charms. These may give you solace, As bullets fly by your head. Whilst gun fire explodes And many comrades are dead. They are bleeding and dying, Blown up all around. With parts of their bodies All over the ground. Such horrors surround you In and out of your trench. The blood and the gore Leaving a stench. You endangered your life With a war to end wars. But as long as man lives There will be wars evermore. We can’t thank you enough. Maybe you had some regret, You fought for us all, And we must never forget. In the depth of the garden where nobody sees, Away from predators and pesky bumble bees, I live very comfortably in a stack of logs, Unlike my Dutch relatives, I don’t wear clogs! I’m very small, with a sensitive pink nose, Four small feet with such delicate toes. I have two ears which are big and very round, is enables me to pick up every sound! When the moon is out, I investigate at night, Sometimes I hear movements that give me a fright! My larder’s empty so I must forage about, Whoops! ere goes Hedgehog with his noisy snout! ere is a sound above that makes me freeze, A wise old owl sat quietly in the trees! I must get back to the safety of my house, e owl won’t get me, cos I’m a clever wood mouse! Beth is driven to hospital Mary searched for a bed Beth is made very welcome Mary slept in a shed Beth’s room is private Mary’s an old cattle stall Beth’s warm and comfortable Mary’s cold on the floor Beth’s room so pristine Mary’s dirty and old Gas and air on for Beth For Mary discomfort and cold Beth has bright lights above her For Mary it’s a star Beth’s midwife is in attendance Mary’s angel travelled far For Beth a new daughter For Mary a son Beth’s images go worldwide Jesus short life just begun From a girl to a woman From a boy to a man Hers a life full of freedom His young death so she can Two Christmas babies Born lifetimes apart But the boy child named Jesus Still holds a place in our hearts! Two Christmas Babies by David Wilson The Clever Wood Mouse by Dorothy Lockyer I watched leaves dance about my feet. A gust of wind came and made them spin, I’m mesmerised as I watched them raise. forgotten memories lled my head. When feet were small and happy fools. I would join the fun and kick about. Oh, I wish to be that free again, With no worries to bother me. I look about to see who’s there, And smile to see there’s only me! AUTUMN LEAVES by Jennifer Jones What made me do it who can know but the heap of leaves looked inviting and so despite my years, build - my responsibility I began to feel tempted by the glorious possibility of running carefree through that crackling fall I was wearing my new red Wellingtons after all! I did it - jumping and kicking with much abandon and considering my age and weight some might think it a scandal… someone did. I became aware of a cold disapproving stare who was there? Leaning on his broom stood the keeper of the park and from his expression which was dark I really could have no doubt, he had classified me as a Saga-lout, and I could easily see he was most annoyed it was his work after all, that I had destroyed. Sheepishly I pushed together leaves with guilty boots but inside I was actually in hoots because in the autumn of my life kicking leaves could bring the wonderful release of a childlike spring AUTUMN LEAVES FOR JUNE by Lexley George Autumn 2007 FORGETFUL by Marlene Parmenter helping hand. en where it all went wrong I don’t quite understand. e way we have turned on each other, It is such a disgrace. Sometimes I am dumbfounded At the actions of the human race. I had hoped the people in this world Who survived the Covid war, Would take in the natural beauty And appreciate it a little more. Some seem to have forgotten. Put it right out of their mind. is lockdown a ects us all, So what has happened to “Be Kind”. Why has it come to this? Lots of anger, rage and fury. Innocent people are condemned Without a judge or jury. Of course we all have our opinion. It’s how we behave and react. Protesting in the thousands Seems a little too compact. e coronavirus is still with us And it is our main objective To rid the world of this, All else must be put in perspective. Have we forgotten about our heroes? ose who laid their life on the line, And those mourning for their loved ones, Do we think it is gone, and all is ne? At rst we were all united, And eager to lend a