Herald - Issue 369

v AVAILABLE ON ALL DEVICES v Page 68 • The HERALD • 7th March 2019 HERALD RECRUITMENT PART TIME SCHOOL RUN DRIVERS REQUIRED School run drivers required to work for a friendly family run business located in the Totton area. Drivers must be flexible & reliable with a clean driving licence. A New Forest Private Hire licence would be an advantage. A Car and fuelcard will be supplied to the successful applicant This position would ideally suit a retired/semi retired person. Hours will be between 15-20 hours per week with good rates of pay. Please contact Paul or Ross on 023 8086 2040 between 9.30am-4.30pm or email drivers@tccsouthampton.co.uk PA to the Vicar required for eight hours a week from June 2019-February 2020, covering maternity leave. The successful applicant will be working alongside the team based in St John’s Hall, covering a range of administrative duties. For more information contact Jo Elvidge - vicar@stjohnshythe.org or ring the Parish Office on 023 8084 4336. Poets Corner SPRINGTIME PROMISE by David K Wilson Sticky buds are waiting On twigs to be set free Snowdrops peeping through the ground Are there for all to see With two or three days sunshine Crocus soon will bloom Their heads held high as on parade On a winters afternoon A dove performs his mating dance To his partner for this year Crows already building nests In the beech trees by the weir A swan sits patiently on her nest On an island in the lake As fallow deer drink peacefully Watched closely by a drake A hedgehog stumbles aimlessly Into the winter sun He stretches limbs now stiff from sleep Feeding time has come A butterfly sits out to dry Wings spread on a flower Her life is short but oh so sweet And she treasures every hour Trout jump up for mayflies Morsels in the sun A kingfisher prepares to fly Upriver just for fun Badger cubs play joyfully Outside but tucked away As a wise old owl sits watching Where a fawn in clover lays Then suddenly it’s changing Wild daffodils in bloom Such fragrance on the warming breeze Chases off all gloom New sap rising high up trunks Engorging twigs and boughs And sticky buds burst forth once more Its springtime here and now To advertise your Vacancies call Louise on 023 8084 0815 How can I compare your love? Perhaps as to a summers day, The breeze against my face Blowing my troubles all away. The ancient old oak tree Deep rooted and so strong, A thrush upon the bough, Rejoicing with its song. The bravest little snowdrop. Boldly bursting into spring Relying on the warmth The midday sun will bring. Or the gentle silent snowflake That melts into your skin, Disappearing without a trace Creating a precious glow within. It is as sweet as pure honey. Freshly taken from the bee, More intense than the brightest star Lasting for eternity. Mother Nature has given all To love and protect her earth, And as for your maternal love Words cannot express its worth. Mother Nature by Marlene Parment Don’t people realize The filthy mess they make Fridges, cooker, furniture They really dump it all No one ever spots them as far as I recall No one ever catches them It’s always the same old faces That dump their rubbish overnight And it’s always the same old places So when you read this poem Written with you all in mind Just keep your litter with you If you would be so kind Just put it in your dustbin As soon as you get home Do everyone a favour Then you won’t hear me moan Believe me it’s not funny It really is no joke All the thrown out bottles Food wrappers, cans of coke The list is never ending Please listen to my plea Before you throw your rubbish out Just spare a thought for me! LITTER PICKERS LAMENT by Val Cooper I am a Litter Picker and a litter pickers wife It seems to me just lately That it takes up all my life I do it while I’m sleeping I do it when I wake I know I have done it Because it really makes me ache There’s no other way of doing it We have to walk & pick We are a little army With our black bags & our stick Our yellow coats are gleaming We wear them to be seen But drivers still ignore us Their motto ‘let’s be mean’ Let’s throw it out the window They get paid to pick It really makes me angry They must think that we are thick ‘Keep Britain tidy’ Used to be the theme Now it’s ‘throw it on the roadside’ Let’s pay to keep it clean Will they ever stop it Can’t they take their litter home Keep the forest tidy Where people love to roam There’s beauty all around us As far as we can see That’s spoiled by stinky nappies bottles, cans and the odd TV Yes, everything is thrown out I can’t believe my eyes The rats are in their glory and in the summer, Flies! A great big mound of maggots It really makes me heave What an eye opener You have to see it to believe The sad part of the job Is a dead deer or a fox Sometimes it’s a badger On top of a pile of socks Yes socks are always out there Underpants and knickers And never very far away You’ll find a pair of kickers Can you believe it? Do you think I make it up? When they finish drinking Just throw away their cup Then there is the tipping The icing on the cake