Herald - Issue 406

v THE HERALD - Proud to be part of your community v Page 68 • The HERALD • 13th May 2021 Our knowledgeable staff are on hand to keep your vehicle on the road in a safe manner • We offer all garage services including free collection and delivery from your home • We now offer Dpf cleaning - Injector cleaning - Turbo cleaning and Air intake cleaning to help your car run cleaner improving its performance and economy. • Good Garage Scheme – RMI – Trust my Garage Member MOT’s, TYRES, CLUTCHES, CAMBELTS, SERVICING, WELDING, DIAGNOSTICS, LASER-TRACKING. CARS, VANS UP TO 3.5T, MOTORHOMES UP TO 30’ 023 8001 0029 Badminston Lane, Fawley, SO45 1BX 023 8084 9370 Prospect Place, Hythe SO45 6AU • MOT’ s • MOT R epairs • A ir C on • A uto E lectrics • S ervicing •W elding • D iagnostics • S uspension • T yres • C lutches • C am B elts • B rakes As you will be aware from past editions of the Herald, Fawley RFC are busy fundraising for their new clubhouse. e club have entered a team of 4 brave souls into the Jurassic Ultra challenge 100Km nonstop walk starting on 22nd May. ey will start at Corfe Castle, walk along the Jurassic coast and end in Bridport 100Km later. ey have all been training hard for this walk that was originally due to take place last May, but due to COVID-19 had been postponed. Fawley RFC is looking to raise £100K and alongside the walk they are on the lookout for grants and donations to help with the build. e popular rugby club has been working with the New Forest District Council and Fawley Parish Council on the clubhouse design over the past few years. e new club house will be used by their growing junior, senior and the newly formed walking rugby sections. e new clubhouse will have all the mod cons in order to support all rugby activities. is will be a fantastic addition to the local community as this will enable the club to increase its membership, providing rugby for all on the Waterside. Fawley RFC is are always looking for new players and coaches to add to their happy band and would be delighted to hear from anyone able to support the club in person or nancially. Please email: enquiries@ fawleyrfc.co.uk if you are able to help. In the meantime they wish the walking team well. e team consists of: Ross Macfarlane Club Chairman, Richard Hewett-Curl Junior Coach, Craig Nelson Junior Coach and Patrice de Boeck Junior Coach. Fundraising at Fawley RFC As the worldwide battle against COVID-19 continues, ExxonMobil Fawley is playing its part in fighting the disease, in particular by becoming a key player in the vaccine supply chain. e site’s Chemicals units are responsible for supplying a range of products that are being used to combat COVID-19. Among these products is halobutyl rubber, a key component in the production of the vials that hold the COVID-19 vaccines. Jamie Renshaw, Fawley’s Chemicals Technical Manager, said: “Halobutyl rubber creates a strong, impermeable barrier which lends itself perfectly for use in the production of pharmaceutical bottle stoppers, used to keep injectable medicines sealed and sterile. The rubber creates a re-sealable barrier, which does not fragment when pierced by the needle of syringe, as required for a COVID-19 vaccine vial.” As the race to produce vaccines has gathered pace, so has the demand for the all-important vials. Jamie said: “By providing approximately 70% of all ExxonMobil pharmaceutical grade rubber, Fawley is making a significant contribution to the COVID-19 vaccine supply chain. In fact, we believe that in the region of half of all the rubber that goes into the vial stoppers globally may originate from Fawley.” As well as halobutyl rubber, Fawley’s Chemicals plant produces a range of liquids that are also helping the COVID-19 ght. For example, Fawley is an integral part of ExxonMobil’s global IsoparTM production, making four di erent grades of high-purity synthetic isopara n – branded as IsoparTM. ese uids can be used in the manufacture of a variety of medical products, including sterile packaging and cleaning agents. In addition, Fawley is the only site within the global ExxonMobil circuit to produce Methyl Ethyl Ketone, a chemical liquid commonly known as MEK. MEK plays a key role in the production of pharmaceuticals, as does Secondary Butyl Alcohol (SBA), produced as part of the MEK process. Both uids can be used in themanufacturing process as solvents. Fawley also produces a range of higher ole ns, versatile chemical intermediates used in any number of important industrial and consumer products. e higher ole ns made at Fawley are transported to ExxonMobil’s Rotterdam site for further processing into alcohols, and eventually plasticisers. Due to their hygienic performance, these plasticisers are used in the production of hospital ooring, vinyl stretch ceilings and wall coverings. Recently, the plasticisers have been used in the Madrid equivalent of the Nightingale Hospital. During the pandemic, Fawley’s higher ole ns production has played a crucial role in the production of PPE, including protective goggles, vinyl gloves, and personal facemasks. Finally, Fawley is a signi cant contributor to ExxonMobil global production of ExxalTM 8, an alcohol used in the production of a special type of adhesive found in masks and respirators. is adhesive can also be used to attach surgical products, such as drapes and electrodes, to patients in hospitals. Jamie said: “As we are all only too well aware, COVID-19 continues to be a massive global challenge, affecting whole populations in ways that most of us would not have predicted just over a year ago . Throughout the pandemic, ExxonMobil Fawley has remained a reliable supplier to the pharmaceutical industry, making sure that we play our part in the fight against this disease.” ExxonMobil Fawley Chemicals units help in fight against COVID-19 Fawley’s Butyl plant produces a large percentage of the rubber used in COVID-19 vaccine vials Ross Macfarlane in training