Herald - Issue 405

v THE NEXT HERALD IS OUT ON 13TH MAY v 22nd April 2021 • The HERALD • Page 69 HERALD RECRUITMENT PART TIME SCHOOL RUN DRIVERS REQUIRED We are currently looking for new drivers to fill rewarding, part time roles in our busy, family run business. We specialise in transporting disabled and vulnerable children and young adults with a range of special needs to school’s across Hampshire. All applicants must be physically fit, 100% reliable and punctual with a pleasant attitude towards others. A New Forest District Council Private Hire License would be an advantage, however, we can help you obtain this. In return we offer good rates of pay and a reliable and well maintained company vehicle. Our working days are Monday-Friday and approximately 17-20 hours per week during term times. These positions may suit retired or semi-retired persons but all applicants are welcome. To enquire in the first instance, please email: tccsoton@gmail.com Poets Corner The Pandemic by Vic Lee Now the Pandemic is almost over, And we can soon return to near normality. We should never forget how our freedom, Is so dangerously balanced, on the edge of fragility. Remembering it almost broke your heart when. You were unable to see your friends and family, You continued doing, au that was needed, For the benefit of all humanity. Why is then I wonder When normality is within our reach. Do thousands of people, Gather in crowds upon the beach. They say they are just exercising their human rights. Their freedom to pick and choose, And since most of us have been vaccinated What have we got to loose. How quickly have you forgotten? The tragedy death and strife. Proving once again that on earth there are Still very few signs, of any intelligent life. How can I compare your love? Perhaps as to a summers day, e breeze against my face Blowing my troubles all away. e ancient old oak tree Deep rooted and so strong, A thrush upon the bough, Rejoicing with its song. e bravest little snowdrop. Boldly bursting into spring Relying on the warmth e midday sun will bring. Or the gentle silent snow ake ❄ at melts into your skin, Disappearing without a trace Creating a precious glow within. It is as sweet as pure honey. Freshly taken from the bee, More intense than the brightest star Lasting for eternity. Mother Nature has given all To love and protect her earth, And as for your maternal love Words cannot express its worth. He’s hardly aware Of a change in the air Winter or summer He doesn’t care He lost all he valued In some land far away His home and his family Gone in a day e clothes that he stands in Are all that he owns Nothing means nothing When you’re totally alone But he’s managed to nd An old boat on the shore Where under the seat Is shipped one single oar He knows life is risky On land or on sea So if he meets with his maker He’ll nd his lost family He stands in the stern Sculls away from the land Until exhaustion overcomes him And he dri s onto sand Coastguards arrest him And lead him away ey feed him and clothe him Ask questions each day It seems to go on forever Until one day he’s free A new life new ways New possibilities e clothes that he stands in Are all that he owns He’s free yet a stranger In this new land alone He just needs to be valued He’ll work hard every day And he will not seek pity Don’t drive him away! He lost all he valued In some land far away His home and his family Gone in a day New Possibilities by David K Wilson Mothers Nature by Marlene Parmenter I sit here on the bench Listening to his beautiful song. It’s how he introduces himself Before he hops along. I feel at one with nature, A feeling oh so grand, With this precious friendship As he perches on my hand. I am captivated by his beauty, Floating here on cloud nine. Oblivious to this sad world, Watching him perch and dine. It melts away my heart, ❤ Ode to Bobby Robin ❤ by Marlene Parmenter For he is wild and free. It is such an honour He puts his trust in me. MORNING IN THE GLADE by David K Wilson e scenery is set in place e stage looks quite sublime Filtered sunlight lights the earth And the show begins on time A timid deer alert with fear Drinks water from a stream A damsel y ies down from high Watched by a waiting bream A cuckoo’s call begins the song A mare and foal just stroll along Grass snake slithers slowly by Sunlight shining in her eye Hoof-prints on the muddy ground What lurks silently around? e baby boar looks quite alarmed One escapee from a nearby farm! Two badgers amble slowly by e morning sun shines bright from high Fox cubs scamper to and fro A cautious mum is keeping low All this time the chorus sings Songs of magic all around me ring Each a random song to you and me But to feathered friend’s pure harmony Early mornings in the glade Dappled sunlight through the shade Nature daily sets her show Prima donnas each aglow Nature on her natural stage In the joy of living thus engaged e chorus ends for one more day With lightened heart I turn away e scenery was set in place e stage looked quite sublime Filtered sunlight lit the earth And the show began on time SEND YOUR POEMS TO 2 HIGH STREE, HYTHE SO45 6AH