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OPEN SUNDAYS & BANK HOLIDAYS • RINGWOOD ROAD, TOTTON • PLAZA PARADE, ROMSEY • THE PRECINCT, CHANDLERS FORD ALL DAY COD & CHIPS £1 OFF On presentation of this advertisement MONDAY, TUESDAY, WEDNESDAY, THURSDAY ONLY Not valid with any other offer. Valid until 24th August 2022 4th August 2022 • The HERALD • Page 41 v THE NEXT HERALD IS OUT ON 25TH AUGUST v FOOD FOR THOUGHT The Blackfield Baker Ltd Traditional Quality Bakery Bread, Cakes, Savouries and Take-away Birthday Cakes Tel: 023 8089 8688 • 139 Hampton Lane, Blackfield ‘The Blackfield Baker’ Makes & Bakes the best Bread & Cakes For Wine Lovers e Brockenhurst Wine Club (BWC) meets monthly in Brockenhurst Village Hall, usually on the fourth Wednesday of each month at 7.30pm. Open to all, members explore a wide range of wines that people may not have come across, in a range of budgets and to learn something about how and where they are made, as well as getting to know other like-minded people. On Wednesday 24th August for Summer Food and Wine – to be con rmed. For more details about upcoming events and ‘Tasting Notes’ visit: www. brockenhurstwineclub. co.uk or to attend a session telephone John Harris on: 07714 261251 or email: jharris.lydith@ btinternet.com James Strawbridge’s Top BBQ Tips - with 44 Foods 1. Cook over embers not ames - be patient and wait for charcoal or wood to really burn down to achieve a strong constant heat to cook with. Once you have hot embers it reduces the chance of are ups and gives you much more control on the grill. 2. Veg power - try grilling vegetables over embers as the star of the show rather than just serving salads and veg kebabs on the side. Spring greens work really well, cauli ower steaks, radishes or peas in the pod can all be cooked in a grill basket. 3. Low n Slow - have a go at a slow cooked recipe this summer with some wood chips for smokey avour. Try your own beef brisket hot smoked down at 120˚C with an internal temp of 94˚C for 5-6 hours for an authentic tasting BBQ. 4. Get down and dirty - try onions thrown straight onto the hot coals and cooked in their skins for 45 mins. Once blackened slice in half to remove the sweet, tender onions from their charred outer layers and toss with parsley and butter. 5. Chimney lighting - to avoid waiting till sundown to tuck into your BBQ get e cient and buy a chimney to light your charcoal. ey are really quick and easy to use and massively reduce the set up time before you can start cooking. 6. Don’t forget the mop - to avoid your food drying out remember to baste, glaze or mop with a tasty BBQ sauce. Also try adding a bowl of water into your BBQ oven if indirect grilling to keep your meat moisture. James Strawbridge 7. Ole smoky - Add a handful of wood chips to your BBQ for a woody aroma and deep smoke ring. Try using apple, oak, hickory and cherry shavings. 8. Probe safety - invest in a meat probe to keep an eye on the internal temperature of your food. ey are really easy to use and help to understand what’s going on inside the BBQ. 9. Burn baby burn - buy sustainably sourced charcoal to cook over rather than imported briquettes. 10. Keep smiling - if you’re not smiling then you are doing it all wrong! Enjoy cooking over re this summer and be creative with your recipes. For the perfect BBQ, James recommends the specialist bundles from www.44Foods.com - the producers of high quality, fresh produce which is all ethically sourced, sustainable and delivered to your door from a host of amazing produce partners. Serves 2 • Preparation time: 10 minutes • Cooking time: 10 minutes Ingredients 2 tbsp plain our 1 ½ tsp Cajun seasoning salt & pepper 1 large egg, lightly beaten 50g Panko breadcrumbs 2 x 130g Norwegian cod llets, skin o , cut into strips 3 tbsp sun ower oil 2 brioche buns, to serve salad leaves, to serve For the Ranch dressing: 100ml buttermilk 1 tbsp gherkins, nely chopped 3 tbsp light mayonnaise 1 tbsp white wine vinegar 1 shallot, very nely chopped 1 garlic clove, crushed 2 tbsp chopped dill 1 tbsp chopped chives salt Method 1. In a small mixing bowl, mix the our, Cajun seasoning and season with a little salt and pepper. 2. Pour the beaten egg into a shallow dish and put the breadcrumbs into another shallow dish. 3. Gently toss the strips of sh in the seasoned our until evenly coated, then dip into the beaten egg and nally toss in the breadcrumbs until evenly coated. Put the prepared sh strips onto a large plate and leave to one side. 4. To make the Ranch dressing, simply combine all the ingredients together in a mixing bowl and season with a little salt and leave to one side. 5. Heat the oil in a heavy based frying pan, add the sh ngers and fry for 5 minutes, turning occasionally, until golden brown and crisp on all sides (you may need to do this in small batches). 6. Remove the sh ngers from the frying pan and allow to drain on a piece of kitchen paper. 7. Slice the brioche buns in half, lay some salad leaves on one half, followed by a couple of sh ngers, top with a little Ranch dressing and the other brioche half and serve immediately. Spicy Cajun Fish Finger Brioche Roll, Ranch Dressing