Herald - Issue 407

Page 58 • The HERALD • 3rd June 2021 v THE NEXT HERALD IS OUT ON 24TH JUNE v Building Plans & Estimating Building Plans for Planning & Building Regulation approval Builders Estimating Service Free initial meeting and estimate CAD drawings produced on latest software Please call Bob on 07795 692060 Email abbott.bob@sky.com YATES & CO Chartered Accountants Specialists in providing accounting and taxation advice to small businesses and individuals Contact: Colin Yates A.C.A. Telephone: (023) 8086 1550 E-mail: enquiries@yatesco.co.uk Personal and Friendly Service ASK A PROFESSIONAL The next Herald is out on 24th June CPR - A Design for Life by Michael Osman, Oyster Financial Planning A retired adviser told me a few years back that if a client was asked what he did for them he would say “He looks after their pension, or he sorted their mortgage”. We asked a section of our clients a few years back what they felt we at Oyster did for them, a general theme across those asked were the words; Con dence, Peace of Mind and Reassurance (CPR). Confidence that they had a nancial plan in place, that was easily understood and worked. Peace of Mind that all their investments were invested in the correct place, appropriate levels of investment risk with no or minimal tax. Finally, Reassurance that they could now, with this plan, live the life that they wanted without the fear of ever running out of money. Isn’t that CPR a lot better than “He looks after my pension”? Of course, we do that as well, but being a Lifestyle Financial Planner is somuchmore than recommending products. We provide this nancial CPR by creating a Lifestyle Financial Plan. Every source of income and asset are recorded, adding in any expected growth. Starting now, onto early retirement and then into later life until at least age 90. en we deduct, tax, in ation and the cost of your desired lifestyle now, through to the early part of retirement and beyond again through to age 90. We use a clever piece of so ware to help us do this calculation resulting in a very accurate and easily understood ‘picture’ of your immediate, near, medium and long-term nancial future. All subsequent product and risk recommendations are informed from the health of this nancial ‘picture’. To learn how Oyster can provide CPR for your nancial position please do get in touch. Call: 023 8084 8410 or visit us opposite Lloyds Bank in Hythe. Michael Osman