Herald - Issue 393

Page 58 • The HERALD • 6th August 2020 v THE NEXT HERALD IS OUT ON 27TH AUGUST v A process involving the removal of dents and small accident damage without the need for spraying • Convenient mobile service to your home or place of work • Repairs completed at a fraction of bodyshop costs • Repair costs may be less than your insurance excess • Dents completely removed or dramatically improved* • Over 30 years experience in the repair of bodywork (*If the paint is scratched or broken a ‘tidy up’ repair may be possible) Call Graham on 07789 888005 Dents out today, no need to spray! DENT DYNAMICS PAINTLESS DE T REMOVAL Our knowledgeable staff are on hand to keep your vehicle on the road in a safe manner • We offer all garage services including free collection and delivery from your home • We now offer Dpf cleaning - Injector cleaning - Turbo cleaning and Air intake cleaning to help your car run cleaner improving its performance and economy. • Good Garage Scheme – RMI – Trust my Garage Member MOT’s, TYRES, CLUTCHES, CAMBELTS, SERVICING, WELDING, DIAGNOSTICS, LASER-TRACKING. CARS, VANS UPTO 3.5T, MOTORHOMES UP TO 30’ 023 8001 0029 Badminston Lane, Fawley, SO45 1BX 0800 028 7878 • 07866 041192 THE FIRST EVER COLLABORATIVE ROBOTS - OR COBOTS - IN THE EUROPEAN CARE SECTOR Working with Japanese robotics developer, Cyberdyne, on trialling and launching HAL Lumbar cobots, the Local Authority and PA have been keen to explore how cobots could help with the physical demands faced by stretched care sector sta . Already in use in Japan, cobots are worn around the lower back and actively support carers in moving objects or supporting people. Using electrodes, cobots can also detect electrical signals between the wearer’s brain and their muscles and convert this into motion. Councillor Liz Fairhurst, the County Council’s Executive Member for Adult Social Care and Health said: “Through our partnership with PA Consulting, we are proud to be at the forefront of using technology in care to assist people to live as independently as possible. Our trial of cobots is all about our carers – kit which supports them and makes their job easier. While we don’t yet know the extent to which cobots will help transform the delivery of care, early results are very promising, and I am increasingly confident that we will see them play an important role in supporting our care workforce both now, and into the future.” e County Council/PA trial of cobots began in February this year, and was quickly adapted in response to the COVID-19 crisis, with further investigation of how they them use cobot technology to create a more positive human future for care. Now, more than ever, is the moment to embrace new technology. Our hope is that cobots could support care workers with the more physically demanding aspects of care, freeing carers up to focus on other aspects of human care or care for another vulnerable person.” Professor Yoshiyuki Sankai, President and CEO of Cyberdyne, says: “It is exciting to trial our HAL Lumbar type cobot for the first time in the UK with Hampshire County Council. We’re looking forward to uncovering the potential it has to improve the delivery of care for carers and those who need support.” could be used to help manage the challenges faced by care workers and informal carers who are supporting vulnerable people at this time. For example, use of a cobot has shown that care for a person with complex needs which may have previously required two carers working together, can, in some instances, be delivered e ectively by a single individual. is not only alleviates some social distancing concerns, but will also help to make the social care system more resilient – in Hampshire alone, it is estimated that an extra 6,000 people in caring jobs could be needed over the next ve years. Steve Carefull, social care technology expert at PA Consulting, said: “We are delighted to be working in partnership with Hampshire County Council to help Carers wearing Cobots Local youth charity No Limits is launching an extensive recruitment campaign this week in response to the increased need they are seeing in the city, brought about by Covid-19. e new roles will increase the charity’s capacity to support children and young people, and ensure that each young person can receive support across their services in a joined-up way. ere are 10 roles being advertised including a Mental Health Lead, an Information and Advice Youth Worker and a Sexual Health Youth Worker. Full details are on their website at www.nolimitshelp.org.uk/vacancies. No Limits has provided support throughout the lockdown through Zoom, webchat, email and telephone. Demand has gradually risen back to normal levels and is continuing to climb. No Limits CEO, Natalie Webb is excited about the new roles and the additional support they will give, “Covid-19 has impacted on children and young people far and wide. We need to ensure that every young person has the opportunity to process this event and is supported to re-enter life and the new normal. With help from its funders, No Limits aims to be there for any young person who needs support on any issue, however large or small. Our doors are beginning to open again, but we have always – and will continue to be – able to provide support remotely. If you feel you need someone to talk to, please get in touch.” Charity Launches Recruitment Campaign To Meet Increased Need For Support