Herald - Issue 406

Page 60 • The HERALD • 13th May 2021 v THE HERALD - SUPPORTING LOCAL BUSINESSES v LJM Bookkeeping Services I provide a range of accounting and business services to individuals, partnerships, charities and small businesses. I am licencensed through the Institute of Certified Bookkeepers for the following services. Bookkeeping, Computerised Accounting Software, Final Year End Accounts, Payroll Management, CIS, VAT, Self Assessment Tax for Individuals and Construction Industry Scheme, Statutory Accounts for Small Businesses including Corporation Tax and related submissions, Holiday cover can also be provided for, hourly rates charged. Please contact Lynda McIntyre Email:  ljmbookkeepingservices@gmail.com Telephone: 07774 790543 ASK A PROFESSIONAL Safeguard Your Young Family’s Start in Life! by Michael Osman, Oyster Financial Planning We would all rather not think of the time when we’re no longer around. It’s so important to protect the things that really matter, like our loved ones, home and lifestyle. As a given, people will think nothing of insuring their cars, homes and even mobile phones but quite o en not their income, to safeguard their family’s future prosperity. Most people will have sufficient life cover in place to protect the family home and clear their mortgage should they die unexpectedly. Which is great! With the mortgage taken care of protecting your family’s nancial future should be next on the list. One method is to put a plan in place to replace income lost on death to cover essential living costs up until the youngest child’s 21st birthday. Let’s assume a child is 5 and the parents want to provide £3,000 a month on their passing in replacement income (tax- free) is available over the next 16 years when the child reaches age 21. It’s possible to do this at a very low-cost. It works like this. £3,000 x 12 = £36,000 p.a. From day one of the plan the family have peace of mind that £3,000 per month will be paid out on death until the youngest child’s 21st birthday. e low-cost trick is that if you survived for 10 years then passed away only the balance £3,000 a month would be paid for the remaining 6 years. Much like the life cover you take out with Michael Osman a repayment mortgage this cover called a Family Income Bene t works in the same way. Peace of mind at a low cost. To discuss more why not pop into our o ce in Hythe or contact us on: michael@ oysterfinancialplanning. co.uk or call: 023 8084 8410.