Herald - Issue 409

Page 60 • The HERALD • 15th July 2021 v THE HERALD - SUPPORTING LOCAL BUSINESSES v Yours Faithfully... Trinity Church is pleased to announce they are open for services on Sunday mornings at 10.30am. You will need to book your space by calling: 023 8029 2046, masks are a must and social distancing must be observed throughout. ey look forward to welcoming everyone back to Trinity Church Totton. Trinity Church Totton Hampshire Man Conquers Walking Challenge for Deaf Children PLEASE TAKE TO THE FLOOR Square Dancing could be your Answer! Hythe resident Alan Richardson has smashed a fundraising challenge to walk 50km in support of the National Deaf Children’s Society – by walking 200km instead. He took on the charity’s ‘50k in May’ challenge, but decided that 50km in a month wasn’t enough of a challenge, so he set himself a target of 200km, which he completed on 31st May. Alan walked in stages along the Hampshire coastline, either alone or accompanied by his daughters Olivia and Phoebe and sometimes by his partner Paula. Alan was inspired to take on the challenge for the National Deaf Children’s Society because there are a number of deaf children attending the school where he works. He has exceeded his original fundraising target of £200, with £225 raised to date. All the funds raised go directly to the National Deaf Children’s Society, which supports the UK’s 50,000 deaf children and their families. Alan has been senior site manager at Forest Park School in Totton, a special education school, since 2009. He lives in Hythe with partner Paula, who provides care in the community, and daughters Olivia, 18, and Phoebe, 16. Commenting on his 50k in May challenge, Alan said: “I didn’t choose the National Deaf Children’s Society to support so much as it chose me. A few years back I got chatting with someone from the charity, plus there are some deaf children in the school where I work, so it was a no-brainer really. I love the challenge of pushing myself and getting on with the walks, to find new places to explore and find new friends. I became friendly with another walker whose daughter has hearing impairments and the two of us are now ‘200k buddies’ and giving each other moral support. I get a real kick from helping others whenever I can.” Elle Billinge, of the National Deaf Children’s Society’s fundraising team, said: “Congratulations to Alan on completing our 50k in May challenge for deaf children and going above and beyond. It’s so brilliant to see him fundraising for us and his family chipping in too. We’re so grateful. The National Deaf Children’s Society is dedicated to supporting the UK’s 50,000 deaf children and their families. The efforts of selfless fundraisers like Alan help us to keep on doing our vital work, now and into the future.” Left to Right: Olivia, Paula, Alan, Phoebe Starting on Sunday 26th September there will be a FREE & exciting new activity at Totton & Eling Community Centre from 2pm until 4pm for a total of 12 weeks. Square dancing brings huge bene ts to participants including fun, tness and new friendships. It has also been proven to increase cognitive function. This 12-week FREE course is specifically for anyone currently UNEMPLOYED and aged 25 to 65 and their partners/friend. Funded by Southern Health Authority they have found a parallel with the skills used for square dancing practice and the skills sought-a er in the work place, such as listening abilities, learning new skills, teamwork, following instructions and commitment to task (to name a few). Square dancing is performed in groups of 8 (forming a square) and they can accommodate up to 5 ‘squares’ at the Community Centre – so a maximum total of 40 people per session. All they ask is that participants are committed to attend for the full 12 weeks and they give it their best go! So, what have you got to lose? ere is no cost involved (including a well-deserved cuppa part way through!) it’s a fun activity with new, useful, transferrable skills gained in the process. You will need to complete an application form to take part. ese are available from all local community centres including Totton & Eling (Situated behind the Totton Civic Centre) Monday to Friday 9am until 4pm. Spaces are limited so please return your application by Sunday 5th September 2021. Celebrating a Decade of Toys Ahoy! Ten years ago Toys Ahoy shop owners Jane and Amanda met on the playground of Hythe Primary School. As the party invites began to roll in it became pretty clear that there was nowhere to buy presents from locally. A er a year of careful planning and many hours sourcing suppliers and products, the doors were ready to open to the public. ey have come a long way in this time with their ever expanding stock and fantastic range of new and innovative toys. Jane and Amanda still continue with a high level of service and customer satisfaction, and the community are grateful for the service they offer, especially during lockdown where children still continued to have birthdays! Toys were always delivered quickly and with a cheery smile! So what’s new at Toys Ahoy? Fidget toys are still continuing to be the big trend this year and the range at the shop is huge; something for all ages and dget levels! e arts and cra s range continues to be a great seller from jewellery making to creating your own bath bombs, something for everyone! Over the last year the introduction of Games Workshop’s Warhammer has been a success, in the shop there is a good selection of products from the di erent ranges and anything can be ordered in for collection. Sylvanian Families is also new to the shop this year, and is proving ever- popular and is becoming a multi-generational favourite. A er such a di cult two years the toy shop still continues to go from strength to strength. You will always nd something for someone, even if you didn’t know you wanted it! Jane and Amanda, or any of their friendly sta , will always be willing to help and advise you. e shop is open from Monday – Saturday 9am-5pm, alongside a thriving website: www. toysahoyshop.co.uk. For all the latest toy releases and updates Toys Ahoy can be followed on Facebook and Instagram. Happy days Toys Ahoy, here’s to another ten years! COME AND SEE US! A display of items for sale from the Purple Community Fund can now be found on the Rotary stall at Hythe Market on Tuesday 27th July and then every other week. Many local people have helped to collect ring pulls from drinks cans which are then donated to the people of the Philippines who go on to make them into beautiful items and gi s. One lady from the project has said: “Twelve months ago I worked on the rubbish dump and could not support my family. Learning to make beautiful handbags and jewellery has given me confidence. I don’t feel worthless and have learnt that poverty should never be a hindrance for you to succeed”. As well as these items for sale, Hythe & Waterside Rotary have details of their laptop refurbishment project, whereby they collect donated IT equipment which can be updated and given to local school children who have no laptop or tablet of their own to use. Please stop by the stall, say hello, and nd out about all the great community projects that Hythe & Waterside Rotary are involved in. ey will be pleased to see you!