Herald - Issue 402

Page 60 • The HERALD • 18th February 2021 v THE HERALD - INDEPENDENT AND PROUD OF IT v SPORT IN THE HERALD Over 100 Years of Rugby for Fawley RFC by Ross Macfarlane (Chair of Fawley RFC) Tottonians Rugby Club who are based in Water Lane Totton, are inviting people of all ages; from Year R (5 years old) to Senior Players, no matter if you’ve played before, your skill set or talent! Rugby is an inclusive game, for all abilities and ages. e Seniors (18 years+) train on a Tuesday and ursday, 7.30pm-9pm and Saturdays 2pm-4pm. e Colts (16-18 years) train on a Tuesday and ursday 7pm-8.30pm and the Juniors/Minis (5-16 years) train on Sundays 10am–Midday, usually an hour or so (depending on age). e Under 16’s, 15’s and 14’s also train on Wednesday evenings from 6pm-7.30pm. e club are really keen to hear from anyone in their school year 10 (U15’s). Coaching is provided by England Rugby Union Quali ed Coaches, at all levels. ere is access to gym facilities, physio support and strength and conditioning advice. e club has its own clubhouse and a great social atmosphere. If you just want to join for fun, tness or feel you can be the next David Sisi or Marcus Smith at senior level or any age, pop along to Tottonians RFC, you will be made to feel very welcome. Please email the club on: info@tottonians.com for more information. Regular readers of the Herald will know that Fawley RFC offers rugby on the Waterside for all, but how many actually know the history of this community club? Ross Macfarlane (Chair of Fawley RFC) takes a wander down memory lane to see how this popular local club grew from keen village players to the successful league club it is today. Fawley & District Rugby Club was rst established in the Southern Waterside area in the 1920’s drawing players from the villages of Fawley, Black eld, Holbury and Hythe. At that time the area population was employed mainly in the small AGWI oil re nery, the Drummond estate and the New Forest and Calshot RAF Station. In 1935 the Fawley & District Rugby Club became associated with the AGWI Recreation Club and the Club name was changed to AGWI RFC. Membership was open to AGWI employees and associate members from the locality, with a lot of players coming up from the Military establishments at Marchwood, RAF Calshot and HMS Diligence. It was at this point the club joined the RFU. Following the Second World War, the Club was restarted in the area with Esso taking over AGWI and starting a petrochemical complex. e Club was renamed Esso Fawley RFC and moved to Long Lane, Holbury. Many employees from the expanding Esso re nery joined the Club and it ourished until the advent of league rugby. e nickname ‘Oilmen’ and ‘Oilers’ was earned during this time and, although the association with Esso was lost some time ago, the nicknames bubble to the surface occasionally. Fixtures were arranged on a friendly basis with most Hampshire and Dorset clubs in the 1950’s. e senior side of 1958/1959 didn’t lose a game until February, a great indication of the strength of the Club. In the late 1970’s to early 80’s we were proud to have a budding young Matt Dawson on side. With the advent of League xtures the senior side progressed as high as London South West 3. In 2000, the club changed its name to Fawley RFC, returning to its heritage and taking the squads back to their roots. When the Esso Oil Re nery and the Recreation Club severed their ties, it became the Waterside Sports and Social Club (WSSC), leasing the existing facilities from ExxonMobil. A er 78 years at the WSSC Fawley RFC decided to move to our new home at Newlands Park opposite Gang Warily. Since moving here the Junior and Seniors’ sides have ourished with new players with the new home putting us back in the centre of the community where we can o er Rugby for all on the Waterside. In 2017, Fawley RFC introduced a girls’ team to join the ever-expanding junior section and 2018 saw the installation of xed ood lights to both pitches, a fantastic aid to evening training. A walking rugby section came along in 2019 and Fawley 1st XV (pictured) were promoted to Hampshire 1. So what is in store for the future? Planning permission has been obtained from New Forest District Council for a Club House, and the Junior Section is proud to have strong teams from School Years R-11 who can’t wait to get back playing. If you are interested in joining as a player at any level, committee member, sponsor or would like to get involved in another way, we would love to hear from anyone on: enquiries@fawleyrfc.co.uk Fawley 1st XV Tottonians Rugby Club Wants You MP JOINS ANTI-PUPPY SMUGGLING TASKFORCE Caroline Nokes, MP for Romsey, and Southampton North has joined forces with the UK’s largest dog welfare charity to call on the Government to stop the illegal importation of puppies into the UK. Every year thousands of puppies are illegally imported into Great Britain to then be sold via online adverts to unsuspecting dog lovers, having been transported thousands of miles across Europe with little water, no food, exercise, or toilet breaks. Many su er significant health problems and/or lifelong behavioural challenges, and some do not survive, leaving their buyers helpless and heartbroken – as well as out of pocket. For over six years Dogs Trust has been calling on Government to end puppy smuggling a er exposing this abhorrent trade through four undercover investigations. Current legislation is not t for purpose – every day of Government delay is causing more preventable su ering for innocent puppies. Dogs Trust’s Veterinary Director Paula Boyden said: “ Sadly, we continue to see more and more heart-breaking examples of puppies being illegally imported into the country. Puppy smugglers are making vast profits by exploiting innocent puppies, breeding, and transporting them in appalling conditions to sell onto dog lovers here in the UK. There has never been a more urgent need to end the appalling puppy smuggling trade. Enough is enough, Government must take immediate action as too many puppies are suffering at the hands of cruel traders and too many dog lovers are being left to pick up the pieces. We are grateful to Caroline Nokes MP for her support in joining the parliamentary Puppy Smuggling Taskforce to stop this cruel trade.” Caroline Nokes, MP for Romsey and Southampton North said: “At a time when demand for dogs in the UK has never been higher, I want to urge my constituents to really do their research before buying a puppy advertised for sale online, as it’s all too easy to be duped into buying a dog that’s been illegally smuggled into the country. Dogs Trust has been campaigning on this issue for many years now, and I’m proud to be able to say I’m part of the Puppy Smuggling Taskforce to help put a stop to puppies needlessly suffering at the hands of criminals.” To nd out more about their Puppy Smuggling work, visit: www.dogstrust. org.uk/news-events/issues-campaigns/ puppy-smuggling Caroline Nokes MP joins Puppy Smuggling Taskforce to tackle horrifying trade Revitalise Celebrates by Devon Prosser, Revitalise I’d like to take a moment to share some good news with your readers from Revitalise, based in Netley, Southampton. We are celebrating today a er our national campaign resulted in the announcement from Government that care homes, such as ours, will be indemni ed to continue caring for people with COVID-19, in support of the NHS. Revitalise are one of only 129 Designated Settings approved to care for COVID-19 positive patients, and had been unable to secure ongoing insurance cover for this service from any UK insurer, despite the directive for care homes to be requisitioned as facilities to support the NHS during this critical phase of the pandemic. Had a solution not been found, our charity, along with many other Designated Settings across the UK, would have had to stop accepting hospital patients, adding to the already overwhelming pressures faced by the NHS. On behalf of the sector, the charity therefore made a direct plea to the Government for help. In a statement released by Nadhim Zahawi, the COVID-19 vaccine deployment minister, the Treasury agreed to fund “time-limited” insurance, saying “ Government will introduce a targeted and time-limited indemnity offer to fill gaps in commercial cover” – allowing Revitalise to continue providing care to patients at their Netley Waterside House centre. Mr Zahawi said that the cover will last for around eight weeks, until mid-March. Revitalise CEO Jan Tregelles said: “We are delighted that our message has been heard loud and clear and would like to thank the Government for their quick intervention and for finding a solution, allowing us to continue providing beds to patients who have tested positive for COVID-19, freeing up hospital beds for those with more serious symptoms. In this hour of need for the NHS - it is crucial that care providers like Revitalise are able to step up and ease the strain of packed hospitals and we are so pleased that the Government has recognised that importance. We are very proud of our frontline workers.” Netley Waterside House